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About the sdet.ro qa engineering project

I'm Fabien, and I'm a senior QA engineer. I'm a testing advocate. I'm trying to promote, help and evolve as much as possible in the automation and scripting field.

My opinion on QA as an ex front-end developer( yes, you can read about my previous front-end experience here . PS, this website is designed and maintained by me. it works with Laravel 8 and vue), is that automation is way more amazing than front-end. it involves much more technologies and it's way more exciting than anything else I could've get my hands on.

I've worked in various environments, and can tell that, it's all about the people from there. Ive learned that it's very important to get along in the best possible way with everyone. I've noticed that I get along with the developers the best.

One thing that I truly love about Automation is that it can get my life easier in so many ways.

I've noticed that, by testing early and often, it always improve the customers satisfaction. having the customer happy, means good referrals, recommendations and work. lots of work.

I do believe that delivering a quality product is the most important thing that a customer can receive. I've wrote an article about this, some time ago, and I still believe that it applies today.

I'm driven to do more, I'm driven to achieve more. I'm driven to learn more. I have learned a lot during my freelance projects, during my corporate work and with my startup. I understand business importance to a product and I value that above almost everything else.

few things that are defining me as a person: I truly enjoy music, I like packing up my laptop and working from somewhere else


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