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Reasons for writing Automation Tests:

  • Test automation projects are software development projects.
  • Automated programmed softwared does not overlook small details.
  • Automated tests are increasing the product's reliability.
  • Automated tests can save time.
  • Automated tests can save human resources.
  • Automated tests can maintain consistency in your web app.

Why you should work with me :

  • I absolutely love a good challenge.
  • I am really good QA Tester - > Over 8 years experience.
  • I have 3+ years experience with QA testing and 5+ years experience in Software Development.
  • I’m fun and easy to get along with and I know what I’m talking about. I’m not afraid to tell the truth and won’t take on clients if I don’t feel I can help them.

My guarantees:

  • I will always work with fixed fees(FYI, my rate is $25/hour + taxes).
  • I will work until the customer is happy.
  • My work schedules starts: when is required - ends when the work is finished.

Definition: Protractor is a wrapper for the JavaScript Selenium Webdriver. Therefore – you get all the capabilities of the Webdriver and Selenium – along with a number of very useful additions.


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