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Testing Project #2 - Ionic

Testing Project #2

this project was part of a management app, fully mobile application.

Tech stack: Ionic 3.5, java 8 Spring.

  • Written from scratch
  • 150 commits
  • 8 automated functionalities tested.

E2E part:

  • Data processing. (Reading data, storing data to a DB/JSON for later comparison)
  • Page Objects, reusable functions, smart waits.
  • About 100 automated steps in test cases.
  • Modular project structure, with common page objects, and independent tests.

Extra tools used for the automation app:

  • Grunt
  • mongoDB
  • custom logging.

About the project:

  • SPA Application (single page application), intended only for mobile use.
  • The project included a login page, a dashboard with specific information page, multiple display and configuration pages:
  • * 6 pages with various calendar and config informations.

Tests were ran on the testing env with Jenkins CI.

Challenges about the project:

My biggest challenge on this project, was working with drag and drops. For example, on a specific month, day you could set multiple options in various day that needed specific checks.

Another challenge for this project was that, this project had 2 distinct testing environments. This way, the testing was being done with a proxy and with 2 domains. Each domain had a configuration file, and each domain was tested with different testing data.

This way, for all my tests, I had to use JSON passed data which resulted in very modular tests.

I’ve learned:

For this project, I’ve changed the official structure, and I’ve made everything as a modu le. This structure helps focusing and separating test cases, and test files, and making each test independently modular of each other.

All the tests are running through the same config

All the test data is being logged and stored in a database, for later reading and checking.

The build should not be successful if not all the functionality tests are passed.

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